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We’re both architects with an appreciation for things that are beautiful and practical. Through furniture we’ve been exploring methods for creating organic forms that are both simple and easy to create. We’ve been inspired by the depth of creativity involved in Papercraft: folding simple shapes to create beautiful objects.

The technique we’ve developed involves connecting planes of plywood with piano hinges such that folding gives the furniture piece its shape and structure.

The first piece of furniture we created was the Origami Chair. What started purely out of need for a lounge chair for our home has turned into a desire to create practical furniture for a wide audience.

many possibilities

We’ve realized that this technique has a lot of potential – both for creating forms, but also in allowing us to create flat-pack furniture. We’ve expanded beyond the first chair design to create a wall-hung shelf, and a pendant light.

launched on kickstarter

In September 2014, we pitched the idea for the Origami Chair and Flip Shelf on Kickstarter. Our goal was to raise the funds to bring our designs to the Interior Design Show. Happily, the project met its funding goal and we’re now in the process of building the chairs and shelves people ordered.


For high-resolution images, see our Press page.

now part of #DesignMonth

Originally debuted at Interior Design Show in Toronto, January 2015, the Origami Chair is now part of the #DesignMonth exhibition at Kickstarter’s HQ in Brooklyn.

We’ve also been featured by Design Lines, blogTO, Toronto Life, and Design Chronicle

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