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Origami Chair

The Origami Chair is inspired by papercraft – the idea that folding simple shapes can create amazing forms. We’ve designed the chair to be simple and beautiful. The origami chair’s nest-like shape is generous and ergonomic, while the thin baltic birch shell keeps it efficient and minimal. The facets of the shell are connected with piano hinges – this give the chair some flex for added comfort. The thin shell sits on top of an elegantly folded steel frame. It’s available in different finishes including natural wood veneer, solid-colour laminates, and leather or cowhide.


DSC_8722-20151105 DSC_8728-20151105 DSC_8729-20151105


Flip Shelf

The Flip Shelf is part sculptural, part functional and all playful. It saves space while folded against the wall and when raised, can be a side table for a lounge chair, a bedside table or a parcel shelf at by a front door. The optional integrated LED light is great for reading and when folded, it creates a soft, in-direct mood light. A simple magnetic catch makes the shelf sturdy but maintains its thin profile.

flipshelf01 flipshelf05flipshelf03 flipshelf04

Aperture Pendant


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